Intelligently Planned Construction

People often ask what we mean by "construction, intelligently planned?" We define it as the comprehensive analysis of the building process, particular to the conditions of the project at hand, and the carefully planned course of action set forth to meet desired objectives. 

Construction management can become severely convoluted at any stage: design, value-engineering, sustainable requirements, buyout, contracting, construction, O&M, lease and/or sale. Lack of experience and proper planning contribute to uncertainty, which thus stalls progress and narrows overall project focus. The success of any project is driven by the quality and the pace of its decision-making processes. We provide our clients with the intelligent solutions to be decisive.


The overall aim of "intelligent" design and planning is to reduce the construction and operating costs of a building. Our top-down review sets the stage for a systematic evaluation, identification and response to cost implications. Clarifying design intent and establishing upfront cost accountability are the fundamental goals of our preconstruction involvement and allow us to present our clients with the means to meet desired design/cost objectives. To ensure this and the successful integration of all building features, the entire design team must be involved throughout the project. 


Different clients have different needs. In a traditional sense, a general contractor is typically hired after a project has been designed and set in motion through plan check. Under this scenario, construction follows a plan and specification path where we build to the plans that we are given.

Other clients require more accountability on construction costs up front. The buyout process, under the previous model, allows for some variation in design, but cannot typically support moderate to major design changes without incurring additional costs.  It is these costs and other unforeseeable consequences that commonly escape the most experienced design professionals and, by extension, their clients' budgetary expectations. 


Our involvement, at the preconstruction stage, avoids many of these unforeseen issues and assures that any gaps between design and implementation are addressed early and with due consideration of budget constraints, expected scheduling and up-to-date material costs. Our expertise in design build includes our knowledge of structural alternatives and mechanical/electrical systems that provides the necessary framework for intelligent planning - the maximization of value engineering alternatives, constructability review and, most importantly, final delivery on design intent. 

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